• Things You Should Know About Workaholism

    The modern world comes with its modern technology and modern lifestyle. One often wonders when exactly life became so fast that we do not evenRead More

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  • Tips for Your Transition to Veganism

    People of the modern world know more about their bodies and lifestyle than they did before. Previously we were living in a world where humansRead More

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Things You Should Know About Workaholism

workaholismThe modern world comes with its modern technology and modern lifestyle. One often wonders when exactly life became so fast that we do not even feel the days go by. Human life is divided into three main phases – life as a student, life when you are working and lastly, life after retirement. According to surveys people have usually chosen their time working as their favorite. This is because they can finally make something of themselves. However there are times when one takes their working lifestyle way too far and become what is called a workaholic. This is scientifically defined as a work obsessed individual who is all consumed by his or her need to succeed at what they do. They start placing too much emphasis on their work ignoring all other responsibilities and become unable to balance their time or priorities.

It is important to keep in mind that working or having a career is a big part of our life and it is absolutely okay to be passionate or committed to your job. There is a thing line between being a hard worker and a workaholic. The former is emotionally present and balanced in all parts of life including their families, friends and coworkers. They will occasionally work overtime or more than their capacity to meet deadlines but then will take time off afterwards to make up for it. They know how to back off if their employers are asking or demanding for more work than they can handle. However the latter is unable to keep this equilibrium and believe that if they cannot achieve a higher level of success they would be considered a failure. They become ego crazed and obsessed with their work without thinking of anything other than their career goals. The lifestyle that they lead is incredibly unhealthy where they walk fast, eat fast and talk fast all the while over scheduling and thinking that they can handle all the workload they inflict on themselves. Multi-tasking is only okay till a certain level which they most definitely surpass.

This can lead to what is known as occupational stress or performance anxiety. They do not trust others to do a god job and cannot work well in groups. This can later lead to acute sleep disturbance, depression, claustrophobia and panic attacks in case something goes un-according to what they planned. As far as the reasons to why these individuals are like this, there are many. They could have been forced to work or lead an adult life way too quickly. Some may come from work or business oriented families hence are raised with a certain mind set while some have been victims of high expectations by those who are close to them. Lastly, very few workaholics realize what is wrong with their lifestyle when pointed out just like any other addiction. Staying in denial is the easiest thing but when it becomes a problem the question one has to ask themselves is if this really is what they want from their life?

Tips for Your Transition to Veganism

fruitsPeople of the modern world know more about their bodies and lifestyle than they did before. Previously we were living in a world where humans were more concerned about their own wellbeing than the other living thing on earth. However now the general public is more considerate of the beings we share this planet with. We all vegetarians do not eat any meat, fish or poultry. This in turn has given way to a new kind of lifestyle known as Veganism according to which in addition to being a vegetarian, people do not consume any animal by products such as eggs, dairy products or honey. This also includes things such as fur, wool, silk or leather since they are derived through animals. If you decide to take the huge step towards becoming a vegan, keep in mind that it is not an easy transition. It is no doubt a highly positive decision to take a step towards becoming healthy and minimizing animal cruelty but the pronouncement of your choice is not hard like maintaining the diet is. Things are very black and white once you decide to become a vegan, there are no grey areas. This means that once you make the decision, you are all in and cannot do things halfheartedly.

The first tip to help with your transition to a vegan lifestyle is to learn as much as you can and familiarize yourself with what you are about to do. Knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into also helps motivate you. Learn of all the benefits that will come to you as well as other living beings from your decision, study the practices, costs and risks that come with animal byproducts. It is important to know what is considered vegan or not so that you can commit to this properly. The concept is to read, watch and learn. Talk to other vegans about whatever problems you have, watch documentaries, read books or join forums regarding the matter.

Most importantly teach yourself how to nourish your body with a plant based diet especially if you are used to animal products. Before altering your diet completely, add to it what vegans normally would. Beans, nuts, seeds, tofu and whole grain products. Experiment with the recipes that you can find so that you can get comfortable with them. A great example is how people gradually shift from dairy milk to almond or soy milk. Once you start your research you would be surprised to see how many vegan alternatives you can find in the market now a days, the options really are endless. Lastly, maintain a positive attitude towards what you are doing. Do not let what others say or do effect your decision. Respect their choices just as they are yours and never rub your veganism in their face. You are giving up a lot but it is all for the better. To make it easier for yourself, it is recommended to shift to vegetarian and then gradually work your way towards veganism.


At roughly noon on Tuesday, shortly after Gov. Rick Perry unveiled the tax policy platform for his presidential campaign, President Obama’s reelection team offered a response. The Texas Republican and top challenger to Mitt Romney wanted to “shift a greater share of taxes away from large corporations and the wealthiest onto the backs of the middle class,” the campaign’s press secretary, Ben LaBolt, emailed reporters.

Let’s repeat that: Rick Perry is the top challenger to Mitt Romney.

Here’s the opening sentence of a story elsewhere on the website:

Herman Cain is leading the Republican presidential primary race, according to a poll released Tuesday.

It’s almost as if folks don’t believe a black man can be president.

WTF? Cain’s star has been rising since early September. In a recent Zogby poll, he was leading Mitt Romney 38% to 18%. Yet Rick Perry is Mitt Romney’s top contender.

Indeed, many media pundits seem mystified that Cain, a straight-talking, black hat-wearing conservative, could prove more popular than the white men and women he is up against. Cain built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch and is a firm believer in capitalism and that everything President Obama does is wrong—the two chief tenets of conservative dogma.

Yet, those who are supposed to be in the know dismiss him.

In the GOP debates, Perry and Romney still stand at the center. So TV people don’t believe in Herman Cain either.

Certainly everyone knows Republicans and Tea Party folks are inherent racists who would never vote for anyone who wasn’t lily white. Just ask Allen West. Oh no wait, don’t. He’s black and in the House of Representatives…and a Republican the Tea Party suported. But surely he was elected only so Tea Party people can say they aren’t racists. Right?

Now I could care less about the tax code, so 9-9-9 means nothing to me. And I don’t think, as Mr. Cain said, that if you’re not rich it’s your own fault. And that smile he gives at the end of the Smoking Man ad is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. And yes, after Bachmann and Trump, the GOP field has seen its fair share of flavors of the month. H. Cain might be another. But Perry was a favorite flavor too, and he’s fallen way off since he burst on the scene.

Yet, Perry gets more props than Cain. He gets that middle spot beside Romney. He gets called the top challenger. As weird as it is, as weird as it sounds, I think it’s because people don’t think a black guy can be president.

Or is it just this black man. The way he looks. Is that what stops the media from giving him his due? Cain goes too far out of his way to say race has nothing to do with anything. So no, not race. But skin color. Ask this dark-skinned man about that sometime.


Conrad Murray was the worst kind of doctor. Michael Jackson was the worst kind of patient: A drug addict who needed desperately to sleep.

Together, they were a terrible, combustible, ill-fated combination. And now Murray is headed to jail, and Michael is still gone. We are left with a trial that forever put into the public psyche the hazy image of Michael, wrapped in a gown,  laid out dead, and a recording of him a month before that grisly photo, his voice frighteningly unrecognizable. When I heard it the first time, the description that his voice was ‘slurred’ proved woefully inadequate. His voice wasn’t slurred. He sounded as if he’d had a stroke. For one of the signature voices of my life to be corrupted like that was unforgivable.

Let me be clear: I was a Michael mark. Not in 2009, no. But from the time I was a tot growing up in Motown until my 20s, Michael could do no wrong. My older sister got the Jackson Five’s Third Album back in 1970, and from then on, she and I waited with the impatience of small children whenever our favorite brothers were going to be on Flip Wilson or Carol Burnett or Sonny & Cher. There were no forgotten chores, no missed homework assignments, no trouble of any kind from us during one of those weeks. When the Jackson brothers came on, we would be front and center, singing along to every song.

As I grew older, and Michael starred in The Wiz, then released Off the Wall and Thriller, and then brought back the Moonwalk on Motown 25, I was along for the ride. I owned every album, knew every word of every song, plopped down a $20 and a $10 for a ticket to the Victory tour.

But shortly thereafter, I took my leave. Yes, I bought Bad and Dangerous. But Michael was getting weirder—you know all the reasons why—and Public Enemy and New Jack Swing and hip hop and younger artists were making better music than him. To my mind, Michael had a great run, 20+ solid years as an important hitmaker, a streak much longer than the Beatles or Prince and rivaling that of Elvis and Stevie Wonder. Michael’s weirdness and settling with Jordy Chandler made me tune him out. From time to time, I would hope that Michael would stop giggling, would stop speaking in that fey, soft tone, would put out an album that revealed the musical genius I knew him to be. But it never happened. I grew further from him.

So just before that terrible moment on June 25, 2009, when my colleague came running down the hall with an insistentHe’s dead, and I stepped into the hallway to ask who, and my legs stopped wanting to support me when I heard, and I called the only person who mattered in that moment—my sister—Michael Jackson was just the name of someone I used to love. I had no desire to go to his London concerts. I assumed they would be a ballyhooed flop, if he even completed them. And just so you understand I’m not a hypocrite, when he was no more, I thanked him on these pages for the joy he had brought me in his first 25 years, while acknowledging that his last 25 years would complicate his legacy for many.

Michael is dead. The man who escorted him on his death path has been punished. Conrad Murray gave us Michael’s last recording. One a far cry from Earth Song, Jam, Billie Jean, Let Me Show You the Way To Go, Looking Through the Windows, I Want You Back. One that has no falsettos. No ‘hee-hees.’ No ripping growls. Instead, Mike is drugged and the tape is frightening and thank God I have MP3s and youtube and CDs and This Is It and everything else. Because goodness knows, this terrible, awful final recording is not how I want to remember him.


(HOLLYWOOD) One day after Eddie Murphy dropped out of hosting the Oscars, the Academy dropped a bombshell: His brother, Charlie Murphy, will emcee the extravaganza.

“Charlie Murphy is an amazing talent, an incredible storyteller, and he scares the hell out of everyone,” new Oscar producer Brian Grazer told The Peoples News. “If only Rick James was still with us, he could co-host.”

Grazer said Prince and Dave Chappelle, however, remain possibilities.

Eddie Murphy dropped out a day after his good friend, Brett Ratner, stepped down as producer due to a furor over him using the word ‘fag.’

While Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Steve Martin were considered as replacements as host, Charlie Murphy’s selection provides another boon.

“He and Eddie look so much alike,” said Academy President Tom Sherak, “that maybe the audience won’t know the difference.”

(SUBURBAN ATLANTA) A gang of white men came to Herman Cain’s house in the middle of the night. They called out to him, and when he appeared on the porch, they dragged him into one of their trucks at gunpoint, as his wife, children and grandchildren stood on the porch, helpless to do anything as the trucks disappeared into the darkness.

Cain was beaten with a tire iron and baseball bat. His genitals, ears and fingers were cut off. He was wrapped in barbed wire and cut with knives. The mob urinated and defecated on him. Still living, Cain was tied to a stake and burned. His screams pierced the night, but no one stepped forward to help him. His charred corpse was hoisted into a tree, where the mob fired countless rounds into it, and left it hanging for all to see.

“And that’s what a lynching is, you sonofabitch,” one of the men said.

Cain was then brought back to life, and he and his supporters vowed to never compare anything he goes through to a lynching, high tech or not.

And While Lessons Are Being Learned…

(HEAVEN) Adolf Hitler’s ghost came to me last night with a message: He’s sick of people being compared to him.

“I slaughtered millions of Jews and gypsies and Poles and anything I could get close to. Sure, I used soldiers and scientists to do my bidding, but if I could’ve done it with my bare hands I would have,” the epitome of evil ranted. “These piddly little paper pushers shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence as me.”

Preach on, ghost of Hitler.

Just like lynchings, Hitler comparisons are out of control. Are we that ignorant of history? Hank Williams Jr. compared President Obama to Hitler after he played golf with John Boehner. Liberals called George Bush Hitler. Chris Christie and Michael Bay—Michael Bay…the director—have been compared to Hitler. Kanye West compared himself to Hitler. (Idiot). Georgia state rep John Yates compared illegal immigrants to Hitler. A radio host compared Jimmy Carter to Hitler. Another compared Abraham Lincoln to Hitler.

It is an awful comparison, and unless you are saying Pol Pot or Joseph Stalin, or, to a lesser extent, Gadhafi or Hussein, completely wrong. Let the moratorium begin.



(HENDERSON, NC) The skittish economy has taken its toll on Christmas.

Walter Christmas told The Peoples News that his family’s annual winter barbecue–which became so popular in the 1930s that it lent its name to the celebration of Jesus’ birth–will move to August next year because of the financial strain the December date puts on family members.

“Flights that last week of December are just ridiculously priced,” said Christmas, great-grandson of the holiday founders, Jiminy and Merry Christmas. “And then there were so many other travelers at that time because schools are out. It’s just too hectic.”

The African-American celebration will be more at home in the dog days of summer, says Walter’s cousin, Cissy Christmas, who hosts the annual gathering on her 40-acre plot.

“Great-grandmama and them would’ve wanted us to move it out of that cold weather,” she said. “I’ve been telling Walter that for years.”

The Christmas celebration started 82 years ago when Jiminy and Merry Christmas, two poor sharecroppers, threw a modest party that heralded the day they paid off their debt to the landowner. By the mid-1930s, family members had scattered across the country and talked so much about the annual party that neighbors adopted it.

“Before Jesus’ birthday was called ‘Christmas,’ it was simply called ‘Jesus’ Birthday’ and celebrated in a very simple fashion, if at all,” said Princeton religious professor Cornell West. “Back then, people understood that Easter–when Jesus rose from the dead and thereby saved humankind from eternal damnation–was the really important Christian holiday.”

President Truman approved renaming the national holiday in 1948.

Many of the Christmas family’s traditions have been co-opted into the mass holiday. A 1931 play by the Christmas children spoofed the obese landlord, Nicolas Klaus (who the family privately called Satan). He always wore a red suit when he collected his rent, and would bring along his red-nosed, drunken son, Rudolph, in case there was trouble.

Jiminy and Merry’s oldest daughter, Carol Christmas, also wrote a number of songs the family would sing every year—a tradition now called ‘caroling.’ One of her songs, where she imagined her light-skinned cousin passed as a white man, became a hit song, White Christmas.

“It really gives the song new meaning when you realize it’s an anthem of black power and white oppression,” said Danyel Smith, former editor in chief of Vibe.

Walter Christmas said he’s appalled how society has twisted the facts of the family gathering and Jesus’ birth.

“It’s incredible to me that people who celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday get caught up in all this b.s. about giving gifts and Santa and reindeer,” he said. “I mean, I see black people who work hard for their money telling their kids that an obese white man is bringing them all these presents. Priorities are seriously out of place.”

Following the announcement by the Christmas family, Charles Kwanzaa and Ruth Hannukah said their annual family gatherings will merge into Kwanzukah, which will explicitly celebrate Jesus.

Note: This article is satire, brought to you by the creative minds at The Peoples News. Happy Holidays!



(LOS ANGELES) Kobe Bryant stood before the podium this morning, at a loss for words. It was an uncharacteristic sight—the Laker guard is always good for a quote. But he never regained his composure, and only spoke afterward in an exclusive interview with The Peoples News.

“I finally admit it,” he said, as he slumped in the trainer’s room. “I will never match Michael Jordan.”

The admission was shocking. Since entering the NBA in 1996, Bryant, through his speech patterns, his laserlike focus on improving, and his intolerance for lazy, less talented teammates, has patterned himself after Jordan. He has always hoped to even surpass Jordan—but his statistics, while incredible when matched up against anyone else, pale in comparison to his idol.

That was never more apparent recently, when Bryant’s wife, Vanessa, announced she was divorcing him. Her reason: Bryant had sex with 105 women during their 10-year marriage.

“Jordan slept with way more than 10 women a year when he was married,” said Connecticut native and 1990s Bulls maniac Ron Berry. “Kobe really ain’t shit.”

“God, I hate Kobe,” said Keith Murphy, a diehard Chicago fan who has “23″ tattooed on his ankle. “Even when it comes to bagging hoes, he can’t match Mike.”

Bryant admitted as much this morning.

“I knew Mike had really put in his time with the ladies on the side. I knew he had them all over Chicago and one in every port on the road, but I couldn’t do it,” Bryant said. “If only Seattle hadn’t moved to Memphis. I know I could’ve bagged more chicks up there. Asian women love me.”

Bryant does take pride in how well he covered his tracks. After being accused of raping a woman in 2003, he gave his wife a ginormous diamond to buy her silence. Oops. I mean that indicated he had learned the error of cheating. Friends say he was faithful to Vanessa for the first few hours after giving her the diamond. But then one of his buddies called.

“Yeah, it was me who called him,” Tiger Woods told TPN. “I wasn’t even married at the time, so you know I was buggin’ the hell out.”

The two men decided to chase Jordan together, but the fabled Bull was still putting up solid numbers as he moved around the country.

“We couldn’t catch him,” Bryant said, his tone wistful. The longer he spoke, the more he seemed to accept that he would never catch Jordan in scoring average, universal recognition as the greatest player ever, or hoes bagged. But he would still try to win as many NBA titles—Kobe has five rings, while Jordan tallied six.

“At least that’s something,” he said. “I guess my career won’t be a total failure if I can get that sixth one.”

In related news, the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain sent TPN a text message: Jordan/Kobe=amateurs.

KENYA PEOPLE DAILY NEWS PAPER, Spreading Lies About Munishi

One of Kenya’s most read dailies the people newspaper recently interviewed Musical icon Faustin Munishi who is also the Managing editor of GTV over various issues. THE REPORTER SAYS:” Editor changed my story.” The missing link in the story is the lack of transition in terms of the current undertakings by the celebrity. He continues to release songs, he continues to agitate against bad governance in the world and remains a continues to play a part in the media by managing GTV.